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Clean Eating Recipes

The Big Stack Burger

Want a burger to make your friends and family go wild? To put you in the running for a spot in Guinness World Records for the most lip-smackingly delicious patty, sauce and toppings on the planet? Look no further – our Big Stack Burger might be the last one you ever need.

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Creamy pumpkin pasta

Leftover pumpkin. Creamy cooked puréed pumpkin is perfect for pie, but we’ve put the seasonal favourite into regular rotation with this and savoury meal!

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Blue Cheese Chicken Salad

A truly healthy chicken salad. Creamy dressing, real blue cheese and heaps of crunch make this entrée super satisfying – and it’s less than 260 calories!

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Hawaiian Sweet Potato Skins with Sautéed kale

This tasty meal takes the best of two classic dishes – Hawaiian pizza and potato skins – and brings them together in a crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside guiltless treat for your entire family!

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Beef Sirloin & Capsicum Kebabs in Rosemary-Garlic Marinade

You’ll never buy pre-made kebabs again with my easy and delicious recipe – it only takes 15 minutes of work to make!

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The Ideal French Dessert

The Ideal French Dessert: a clafoutis is commonly made with unpitted cherries, as the pits add an almond f lavour. Try our version with pitted cherries and almond extract, and you can save on the dental work!

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Chicken Tetrazzini

Chicken Tetrazzini with Mushrooms & Spiral Noodles

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Almond, Bean & Grain Burgers

Almond, Bean & Grain Burgers with Strawberry Shallot Sauce
Burgers may be the most revered icon on a meaty menu, so meat-free patties have a steep climb to answer the call of beef. But CE is up to the challenge! We’ve loaded our burgers with flavour and texture from crunchy almonds, smooth, chewy bulgur, aromatic shallots and garlic and sweet-peppery strawberry sauce.

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Crispy, Creamy Custard Tarts

Crispy , Creamy Custard Tarts
Bite through the crisp, flaky crust of these Portuguese-inspired tarts and you’ll discover a delightfully smooth, sweet filling!

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Chicken Sweet Potato Hash

The ultimate breakfast! Chicken Sweet Potato Hash with Poached Eggs

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  1. Re: Garlic prawn skewers

    Loved this dish....absolutely beautiful. Has become a regular meal in our household.


  2. Re: Baked Goat Cheese Salad

    wanted to rate this higher but pushed wrong star! I made this a few weeks ago. It was delicious and


  3. Re: Spicy Raspberry- Balsamic Chicken Breasts with Orange-Broccoli Bulgur

    Made this last night, I didn't have fresh raspberries so used frozen straight form the freezer and s


  4. Re: Fat-Free Banana Bread

    Really tasty! I could almost eat the whole loaf at once!


  5. Re: Sweet Pork & Pears with Goat Cheese on Quinoa

    This is one of my fave go to clean eating recipes. The whole family loves it!


  6. Re: Sweet Pork & Pears with Goat Cheese on Quinoa

    Love this recipe. We use "laughing cow" cheese instead of goats cheese.


  7. Re: Roasted Salmon & Herbed Bean Salad with Yogurt Sauce

    This recipe is great, although I halve the amount of parsley. 2 cups is just too much for us....


  8. Re: Thai Peanut Noodles with Prawn

    Oh my, just made this tonight - incredible! We added half a fresh chilli on top cause we like it hot